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4.3.4 2019年1月10日

Group 5

Android Remote Control

Support for Remote Control on Samsung devices improved.



Improved address validation.

Resolved Issues

Improved stability & minor bug-fixes

4.3.2 2018年12月19日

Group 5

Remote Control on most Samsung Devices.

Saumsung devices can now be remotely controlled by other devices.



Improved hole punching for direct connections.

Group 5

Enhanced Settings

Additional proxy and privcay settings.

Group 5

User Interaction

Improved mouse wheel scrolling.


Other minor bugfixes.

4.2.2 2018年7月9日

Group 5

Improved stability


4.2.0 2018年7月2日

Group 5

Added SpeedDial Feature

Favourites can be set in speed dial.

Group 5

Address filter added

Search filter for speed dial.

Group 5

Alias now available on Android.

Custom Alias can be registered once in the settings.

Group 5

SpeedDial features enhanced.

Showing Alias and ID in SpeedDial menu and own address field.

enhanced connectivity.

Fixed error when terminating an incoming connection.

Audio settings optimized

Audio permissions are only requested when this feature is enabled in the settings.

4.1.0 2018年6月11日

Group 5

Status available in the SpeedDial.

Showing online states of session partner in speed dial.

Group 5

AnyDesk now displays online status.

Showing AnyDesk connection state.

Fixed connection error

Fixed pointer position on incoming connections.

Long life

Improved battery drain.


Improved stability.

4.0.4 2018年5月16日

Fixed Bug

Fixed automatic language selection.

Fixed Bug

Fixed black screen on some devices.

Fixed Bug

Improved stability.

4.0.2 2018年5月9日

Group 5

New Feature

Completely exit app when exit via back button when no connection active.

Fixed Bug

Changing user picture now immediately takes effect.

Fixed Bug

Improved connection to terminal server.

Fixed Bug

Improved reconnect on network change.

Fixed Bug

Fixed keyboard action in password dialog.

Fixed Bug

Improved double click.

Fixed Bug

Improved stability.